Helen Holbrook

ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer 

Foundation Preservationist member - OTSCA


Leesville SC 29070

Welcome to what collie-book writer Terhune famously described as "swirl of exultant collies." 


 We raise old style Collies and a few toy sized Shelties. We also have registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Missouri Fox Trotter ponies or backyard poultry born as well.  Our collies are the historic old-style collie that the storybooks tell of.   They are faithful and eager to serve with an intelligent and gentle nature.  They enjoy working on our small farm, training in agility and rally obedience, accompanying us on trailrides, hikes, and city adventures too, and babysitting our children.  Unlike many working and herding breeds, they are calm by nature and are content to take a nap when not working.  They have a laid back attitude and are very attuned to their families' needs.  They are ideal for the family, farm, therapy, or service work.  They have low-maintenance coats.  Our dogs weigh 35-60 lbs and have soft, biddable temperaments.  If you want a loving, low-maintenance companion with high intelligence and gorgeous good looks an old-style Collie is for you.  We genetic screening on all of of our dogs as well.  Our dogs are registered with the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association (OTSCA).




I'm sold on all your puppies. I wouldn't take a free puppy, if it didn't come from you, Matthias, or Tristan. Y'all do a fantastic job of raising puppies and I trust you. Oh and don't forget your husband. Your whole family makes a great team of raising and training puppies. - Debby in SC