The story of Holbrook Toy Shelties (formerly Sprightly Shelties) is that of a long time love of collie dogs.  As a child I had  wanted a collie companion to take on my adventures for as long as I could remember.  However larger dogs did not suit my lifestyle.  Then I discovered Toy Shelties in 2001 and acquired a tiny sheltie named Sima (Shee-ma is Gaelic meaning treasure).  Sima was 11" tall and loved playing soccer.
The next year I adopted a second tiny sheltie, a 12" female named Colina (Gaelic for victory).  Colina and I discovered the world of dog agility together and she won 11 titles in competition, first with me, then with any family `member who wanted to run her.  She would race through the course, looking back as if to say "I know how to do this, just tell me where to go human!"
In 2005 I began searching for my next agility dog and discovered that well-bred small shelties were hard to find.  This was when I started considering breeding my own tiny shelties.  I wanted a smart, healthy, tiny sheltie that would excel in any career - agility, obedience, herding, therapy, hiking, best friend.  In 2006 I aquired my first breeding female who was the foundation of the Sprightly line. Sprightly A Little Night Music NA NAJ was a 12.5" female. She was from champion show dog bloodlines and she went on to win two agility titles with me. She was bred to Pine Quest's Prime Time who competed in flyball.
 Their daughter Sprightly Scarborough Fair NA NAJ OA OAJ CGC continued the family tradition winning five agility titles and one obedience title.  She was bred to Wildwood's Little Man Who Prances.
Scarborough Fair's daughter Sprightly Golden Vanity competed in agility, and had a litter with Sprightly Poetry In Motion.
In 2014 I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts, became a certified dog trainer, travelled New Zealand working on horse farms, and married Nathan, the love of my life.  Yet something was missing.  I had numerous shelties come to me for training and enjoyed training and competing a toy sheltie for a friend.  I realized that life was not complete without my shelties.  
Now my husband and I raise beautiful affectionate collie dogs once again.  They are the perfect companions for our active lifestyle and our young sons.  We enjoy training and competing them in agility and obedience.  

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"As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15

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